Muvipro 2.1.8 GPL Free Download, Movie WordPress Theme Similar to Old LK21

Muvipro 2.1.8 GPL

Movie WordPress Theme Similar to the best old LK21 in its class. Which is designed in such a way as to optimize your movie website.

Muvipro WordPress Theme Best Features

Best rating page

There is a custom page feature for best rating, this best rating is based on the rating on TMDB.

Order by title page

There is a custom page feature for order by title, the page is based on the order of the title in the movie post.

A Z Index Movie

It will automatically enter the first letter in the taxonomy index, this makes it easier for visitors to search alphabetically.

Simple Mega Menu

There are 3 custom menus and each menu supports simple mega menus, so you can enter various URLs such as country, year, genre, etc.

Popup Trailer

Not only is the theme cool, but it’s also equipped with a popup for trailers, so visitors can preview the movie they want to watch first.

Responsive dan Mobile Friendly

The design has been optimized for all devices, whether desktop, tablet or mobile.

Movie Rich Snippet

Neat SEO structure, but also must be supported with good rich snippets. This theme already supports rich snippet movies and there are no rich snippet errors.

High CTR Ads Place

More than 9 ad spots, starting from floating left, right, bottom ads, to ads in the middle of paragraphs that can maximize clicks on your ads.

Module Homepage

The Homepage module can be used as a selected genre or recommended genre.

Infinite Scroll Support

Like other major Indonesian news wordpress themes, this theme supports infinite scroll.

Comment Facebook

Make your website viral and make it easier for visitors to comment on your website.

Unlimited Color

You can easily change all the colors in this theme, from the top navigation to copyright, just by using a customizer.

600+ Google Font

There are more than 600 Google Fonts that you can use to change the font on the website, and you can change the font size too.

FB Pixel dan Google Analytics

There is an option to enter Facebook Pixel ID and Google Analytics Code. You can use this to analyze your visitors and for your FB ads needs.

One Click Update dan Import

This feature is very useful to make it easier for you to update and import demo data, you only need to update your theme with one click without having to bother downloading and uploading.

Muvipro Changelog

v.2.1.8 2/11/22
- Update autocomplate script to version 1.8.5
- Fix warning in php version 8 in module posts and episode
- Bump test version wordpress to 6.1
- Add auto update again in this version

v.2.1.7 - 13/02/22
- Fix other button trailer not display in related posts when using muvipro button

v.2.1.6 - 12/02/22
- Fix button trailer not display when using default muvipro button, change text with icon

v.2.1.5 10/02/22
- Add thumbnail in ajax search
- Add class to quality, so you can change color every quality using css
- Update autocomplate js to version 1.0.7
- Update Infinite Scroll from v3.0.6 to v4.0.1
- Update Tiny Slider from v2.9.3 to v2.9.4
- Change readmore js script
- Add new support for post view counter
- Change default wp post view with post view counter plugin
- Add tiktok and soundcloud social icon
- Change font icon with svg
- Change some inline javascript with separate file javascript
- Regenerate languange
- Regenerate demo data
- Fixed minor bugs
- Fix style social share button
- Change sticky header with css position sticky before using javascripts
- Remove gutenberg style, since this theme no need gutenberg
- Add option to display download area using popup, display post or before post

v.2.1.4 29/7/21
- Fix cart not update when click cart in woocommerce

v.2.1.3 21/7/21
- Add remove_theme_support( 'widgets-block-editor' ) for remove Gutenberg support in Widget for wp 5.8
- Fix small warning in php 8
- Support wp 5.8 and php 8, now require php version is 7.4

v.2.1.2 16/07/21
- Fixed floating banner
- Fixed banner before single title not displaying

v.2.1.1 08/07/21
- Add read more js for movie content, so layout more simple.
- Add Share and social icon Telegram
- Add full responsive banner in player and support iframe too, for image require size is 800x450
- Add support html using wp kses post in notification and add paused in notification when user hover
- Change banner after player with banner before single title
- Change some layout in single movie, for example change place list episode from top player change after player.
- Update fb comment script
- Move ajax options and script from plugin muvipro-core to theme muvipro, now you can see options in customizer -> movie -> movie layout
- Remove jquery theia sticky change with position sticky css
- Remove jquery dependencies
- Optimize some codes
- Support latest wordpress
- Change Muli font with Mulish for google fonts in customizer
- Sanitize copyright text
- Fixed social share
- Fixed duplicate domain license key and change license key method (You must insert again license key in your website)

v.2.1.0 09/12/20
- Add Translator Custom Field (Must Update Plugin too)
- Support rank math breadcrumbs
- Change http to https
- Support wordpress 5.6
- Change http to https for update theme json url

v.2.0.9 - 04/11/20
- Add Translator Custom Field
- Fix 11-15 download url not display properly in box download

v.2.0.8 - 16/10/20
- Fix url download 11-15 not displaying

v.2.0.7 - 16/10/20
- Update tiny slider
- Remove polyfill ie9 for tiny slider
- Compatible with wordpress 5.5
- Remove options to disable script version css and js, this fix wordpress 5.5 compatibility (Must update muvipro core plugin)
- Remove options to disable jquery migrate, in latest wordpress not using jquery migrate (Must update muvipro core plugin)
- Remove options to disable wp oembed, gutenberg need this (Must update muvipro core plugin)
- Remove modernizr since internet explorer not support again.
- Support Menu Icons Plugin in Mobile Menu
- Add hook wp body open (wp 5.2) @Link
- Add dashboard promo
- Change download button with old download button
- Add text before download button in box download, you can add text in customizer -> movie -> movie content -> Text Before Download Button
- Footer copyright now support html
- Add number episode in tv series in index, archive page and module

v.2.0.6 - 25/03/20
- Fix disqus plugin not displaying, you must disable fb comment in customizer -> blog -> blog content, before using disqus plugin
- Display download text before icon download in mobile
- Add helper js to tiny slider
- Fix some button download popup not working

v.2.0.5 - 24/03/20
- Change Owl Carousel With Tiny Slider
- Change layout close button floating banner
- Change download design with popup
- Change episode button with eps 1, eps 2, etc and using list not dropdown
- Add animasi marquee in notification
- Add Banner Before Play Movie
- Add Text Content & Custom Field to select genre in custom page template, now you can make unique every custom page template
- Add more slot download and player (15 unit)
- Add quality di module dan slider
- Remove haxhits and gdriveplayer API
- Remove prev next episode
- Remove and Change jquery match height with css flex
- Remove taxonomy class in post_class
- Floating banner footer now display in mobile
- Limit Tags ( 1 tag ), Directors ( 1 Director ) and Casts (3 Casts ) On click TMDB post, old post not effect.
- Optimize some code
- Improve Mobile Menu

v.2.0.4 - 21/01/20
- Fix Depracate Breadcrumb Rich Snippet

v.2.0.3 - 01/08/19
- Add icon to rating and clock in related post content
- Fix color menu in mobile browser

v.2.0.2 - 30/07/19
- Fix no translate related post in indonesia langu
- Fix footer column options not save in customizer

v.2.0.1 - 17/07/2019
- Fix no title in h2 in archive and some title not display in url ( Important Update )

v.2.0.0 - 17/07/2019
- Cleaning code and sanitize some frontend value
- Redesign some element header, footer, widget, and layout
- Move fb comment from plugin to theme, now you can setting fb comment in customizer -> movie -> movie content
- Move breadcrumbs from plugin to theme, now you can setting breadcrumbs in customizer -> movie -> movie content
- Move Related Posts from plugin to theme, now you can setting Related Posts in customizer -> movie -> movie content
- Move and Change Style social share from plugin to theme, now you can setting Social Share in customizer -> movie -> movie content
- Add New Tags Widget
- Add font-display: swap in style.css
- Remove aweber, getresponse, mailchimp widget because this widget useless for movie sites.
- Remove opengraph to prevent duplicate opengraph when using yoast and aio seo
- Remove adblock options and script
- Remove google plus social icon
- Remove author box
- Remove yarpp Support (Plugin YARPP delete from wordpress repositor)
- Fix conditional tag and css in slider and home notification
- Fix match height in blog layout
- Fix match height byRow in load more
- Fix custom field not saving when null value.
- Fix related post unclickable in safari
- Fix some bugs
- Change conditional tag in breadcrumbs
- Change wp_oembed with youtube iframe.
- Change google analytics code and embed via wp_enqueue_scripts
- Change Add+ share button with whatsapp share button
- Change If conditional for breadcrumbs now from theme first after that breadcrumb yoast
- Update sidr mobile menu
- Change mobile menu, now only one menu for 3 menu place.
- Rel nofollow some url in single page

v.1.1.1 - 12/12/2018
- Fix Slider In Fullwidth Layout
- Fix SEO Rich Snippet Error
- Fix license options (You must insert license key again in plugin -> muvipro license)

v.1.1.0 - 10/12/2018
- Add hierarcy to genre in add new post now same with category
- Add filter use_block_editor_for_post __return_false to disable gutenberg wordpress 5
- Remove thumb.php and auto post thumbnail, now you must set featured image in every post (Plugin muvipro-core & theme)
- Remove itemprop image in every image (Plugin muvipro-core & theme)
- Add new taxonomy options (years) in related posts.
- Add new Slider Carousel After Menu
- Add new Sticky Sidebar
- Relicense options (You must insert license key again in plugin -> muvipro license)

v.1.0.9 - 28/4/2018
- Fix grid responsive layout when using fullwidth layout

v.1.0.8 - 19/4/2018
- Fix PHP Warning in version 7.1.14
- Remove hentry in archive page and page

v.1.0.7 - 17/11/2017
- Fix small issue
- Fix depracate new woocommerce version
- Change Prev next episode with button style
- Change select category and tag from multiselect to autocomplate in widget
- Add orderby modified in Content Order By in idmuvi-core settings
- Add back to top
- Add New Integrated with haxhits and gdriveplayer player
- Add new custom page orderby date and orderby post modified
- Add black background and white color to menu, just insert focus-menu to css class in every menu
- Add orderby rand, date or post modified setting in every widget post
- Add new fetures for improve performance in idmuvi-core - other (Must update plugin too)

v.1.0.6 - 16/08/2017
- YARPP support in tv shows and episode
- Fixed http, change with https in feedburner widget
- Add new player style using sub page tab, you can setting in customizer -> movie -> movie content
- Orderby year now list by latest post
- Add Ajax Search (Must update idmuvi-core)
- Fix error for php versi 5.3 but better if you using php v 5.6+ for better security

v.1.0.5 - 08/06/2017
- Add ajax in player
- Change mobile style for player
- Fix small bugs
- Add new option widget in module post (Year and country selection)
- Add new option widget in module post (Post type selection, movie and tv shows)
- Delete tab jquery
- Improve small wp query
- Update jquery match height
- Fix checkbox widget (Must update plugin idmuvi core)
- Add new notification before player via post(Must update plugin idmuvi core)
- Add new global notification before player
- Add new button style like lk21 (Just change via customizer general general layout)
- Add new delay popup banner (Must update plugin idmuvi core)
- Change query_posts with wp_query in custom page
- Add new ajax load more without jetpack (Must update plugin idmuvi core)
- Add new meta Release by year
- Add new custom page Order by year
- Add new option in idmuvi-core for order by year
- Add new option for change text Latest Movie in Home page.

v.1.0.4 - 12/05/2017
- Fix infinite scroll (add get_post_type for tv post type)
- Fix all episode link (change based by tmdb id)
- Change style gallery in single woocommerce
- Fix popup in infinite scroll
- Fix small bugs
- Fix logo can't click on chrome when responsive
- Change format if no player
- Add base scheme_id in license key (Maybe you must re-enter license key)
- Add banner before and after player(require update plugin)
- Add top navigation and social icon ( )
- Add author support in custom post type tv and episodes (plugin)
- Fix php error in php 5.4
- Fix error when NaN Undefined Nan in data string
- Add supports publicize in custom post type (require update plugin)
- Change movie data from paragraph to table Thanks to Hadi Prasetya.
- Add supports RSS for custom post type (require update plugin)
- Enable popup trailer in mobile

v1.0.3 - 20/03/2017
- Fix episode meta_query related. Not using by serie name again but TMDBid.
- Fix small bugs
- Add new recent episode module for home module

v1.0.2 - 15/03/2017
- Fix episode post_per_page
- Fix floating number_format error
- Change name jquery.plugin.min with jquery-plugin-min

v1.0.1 - 11/03/2017
- Fix order by title in episode for number ordered.

v1.0 - 06/03/2017
- Theme initial release

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