Dokan Pro 3.7.21 GPL Free Download + Booking Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin & eCommerce Solution.

Dokan Pro 3.7.21 GPL Free Download

The Best Way To Build Your Online MarketplaceWith WordPress. Start creating your dream marketplace with the ultimate multivendor marketplace solution.

Dokan Pro Features.

  • Marketplace with Independent Stores
  • Multiple Product Types
  • Use any WooCommerce Compatible Theme
  • Frontend Dashboard For Vendors
  • Earn From Each Sale
  • Store Insights with Reports and Statement
  • Coupon Management
  • Stylish Storefronts
  • Increase Brand Value with Product Reviews
  • Manage Orders on the Go!
  • Review Product Publishing
  • Easy Withdraw System
  • Vendor Profile Completeness
  • Manage SEO for Store Page
  • Vendor Configure their own Store Settings
  • Vendor Payment Method Setup
  • Social Profiles Integration for Vendors
  • Shipping Management for Each Store
  • Order and Earning Widget on Vendor Dashboard
  • Refunding Customers is Extremely Easy

Dokan Pro Plans like this.

Always Free $0 Free Forever.

Most basic features of a multi vendor store.

  • Unlimited Vendors
  • Frontend Vendor Dashboard
  • Reverse WithdrawalNew
  • Order Management
  • Vendor Withdraw System
  • Store Widgets
  • Support

Starter $149/Year, or $596 For Lifetime.

Create a full-featured multi vendor marketplace

  • Product Bulk Edit
  • Admin Coupon Support
  • Delivery Time
  • Commission Types
  • Frontend Products
  • Vendor Management
  • Powerful Reports
  • Social Login
  • 2 Premium Module
  • 1 Site License
  • Ticket Based Support

Professional $249/Year or $934 For Lifetime

Do more with Dokan Using Powerful Advanced features

  • Stripe ExpressNew
  • MANGOPAY Integration
  • Minimum Maximum Order
  • Razorpay Integration
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Table Rate Shipping
  • WC Product Addon Integration
  • Vendor Review
  • Store Support
  • Seller Verification
  • Stripe & Wirecard (MOIP)
  • Subscriptions
  • 12 Premium Modules
  • 3 Sites License
  • Ticket Based Support

Business $499/Year or $1447 For Lifetime.

Create the ultimate and perfect multi vendor store

  • Product Advertising New
  • Request for
    Quotation New
  • PayPal Marketplace
  • Product Subscription
  • WC Booking Integration
  • Vendor Withdraw System
  • Geolocation
  • Export Import
  • Staff Manager
  • Auction
  • 26 Premium Modules
  • 5 Sites License
  • Ticket Based Support

Enterprise $999/Year or $3247 For Lifetime.

Reach greater heights with your marketplace

Everything in Business

  • 1 Hour of Theme Compatibility
  • 1 Hour of Basic Installation
  • Live Chat Support
  • 10 Sites License
  • Priority Support

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Dokan Pro Changelog

A- A+

=v3.7.21 May 10, 2023=

- **fix:** Remove assigned store categories from a user while deleting a user account
- **fix:** Fixed wrong counts of store categories under Dokan admin page
- **fix:** [ProductVariationController.php] fix syntax error in get_item_schema() call
- **fix:** [SellerBadge] fixed a typo in the properties key of the item schema
- **fix:** [VendorSubscription] Added null check for $product before checking its type
- **fix:** Fixed badge events are firing even though no badge has been created yet.
- **fix:** Fixed badge search doesn't work after providing an invalid search value under vendor dashboard
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Save Card for stripe connect doesn't work correctly if the Stripe Express module is enabled
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Can not add a new Payment Method using Stripe Express from the My Account page if the cart is not empty (Vendor should be connected using Stripe Express)
- **fix:** [StripeExpress] Fixed a fatal error while adding a customer payment method (card) from the My Account --> Payment Methods page.
- **fix:** Fixed after expiration of a subscription, repurchasing vendor subscription publishes all vendor products regardless of product status[draft, pending review, online]
- **fix:** [Booking] Fixed calendar doesn't show up while creating booking from the Vendor Dashboard --> Booking --> Add Booking menu
- **fix:** [VendorVerification] Fixed verified badge on the single store page is not appearing in all store headers.
- **fix:** [DokanStripeExpress] Fixed the vendors are redirected to the first step of the seller setup wizard after they connect their Stripe account in the second step.

- **update:** [ProductAdvertisement] Added sold individually param to true for advertisement base product when creating it, so that quantity can't be changed
- **update:** Added Dokan dummy data link under WordPress Dashboard --> Dokan --> Tools menu
- **update:** [DistanceRateShipping] Added a new section to check if Distance Matrix API is enabled for Google Map API Key.
- **update:** [ColorSchemeCustomizer] Used color set by Color Scheme Customizer Module instead of hardcoded value for Report Abuse modal header color
- **update:** [RFQ] Changed REST base dokan/v1/customers to dokan/v1/request-for-quote/customers since Dokan Mobile App already occupied this REST base
- **update:** [RFQ] Changed REST base dokan/v1/dokan-quote-rule to dokan/v1/request-for-quote/dokan-quote-rule
- **update:** [RFQ] Changed REST base dokan/v1/dokan-request-quote to dokan/v1/request-for-quote/
- **update:** [RFQ] Changed REST base dokan/v1/roles to dokan/v1/request-for-quote/roles
- **update:** [VendorSubscription] Added cart notices under vendor subscription list page, previously error messages were displaying only on cart or checkout pages.
- **update:** Remove expected earning calculation from subscription and variable products
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Set country field as required if Cross Border Transfer and Onboarding feature is enabled from Payment Gateway setting
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Added a button to cancel onboarding process from Vendor Dashboard payment settings page

=v3.7.20 Apr 28, 2023=

- **update:** [VendorAnalytics] Completed Google verification for Vendor Analytics App.

=v3.7.19 Apr 17, 2023=

- **new:** [API] Added new API endpoint for SPMV module, endpoints are
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Moved some CSS code to the Astra theme support folder.
- **fix:** Fixed a design issue under the Social profile link on the vendor dashboard.
- **fix:** [ProductReviews] Fixed bulk actions are not working on the review list page under vendor dashboard
- **fix:** Fixed some PHP warning under admin dashboard users profile edit page

=v3.7.18 Apr 10, 2023=

- **fix:** [VendorDashboard] Fixed announcement menu is not highlighted for the announcement details page.
- **fix:** [VendorDashboard] Fixed wrong navigation link on the order details page on product line items lists.
- **fix:** [VendorDashboard] Fixed duplicating any product bypass the New Product Status feature, now set to draft as default product status
- **fix:** Fixed some deprecated PHP warnings
- **fix:** [StoreSupport] Fixed Support ticket wasn't loading from admin panel if vendor id wasn't found on topic meta.
- **fix:** [RequestForQuote] Fixed unable to add variable products to the cart if the request for quotation module is enabled
- **fix:** [StoreOpenCloseTime] Fixed time selector of the store open close time settings was broken.
- **fix:** [Refund] Refund request wasn't successful if tax amount rounding precision is greater than 2
- **update:** [StripeExpress] Admin will be able to disconnect/delete connected seller accounts from the admin dashboard user details page
- **update:** [MangoPay] Added support for non-recurring payments for Vendor Subscription products.

=v3.7.17 Mar 23, 2023=

- **new:** [StripeExpress] Support for cross-border onboarding and transfer within the boundary of the European Union and SEPA
- **new:** [NewVendorDashboard] Added support for Rank Math Module
- **new:** [NewVendorDashboard] Added support for Geolocation Module
- **new:** [StripeExpress] Added support for purchasing product advertisement via Stripe Express
- **new:** [MangoPay] Added support for purchasing product advertisement via Mango Pay
- **new:** [FollowStore] Added API endpoint to get a vendor follower list (wp-json/dokan/v1/follow-store/followers?vendor_id=1)

- **update:** [StripeExpress] Optimized payment request buttons implementation on the cart page
- **update:** [SPMV] Removed the capability to clone Grouped Products.
- **update:** [PayPalMarketplace] Display a formatted error message if a refund request gets canceled due to insufficient balance under the vendor's PayPal account.
- **update:** [PayPalMarketplace] Set PayPal product type to PPCP only if UCC mode is enabled and supported otherwise product type will be selected as Express.
- **update:** [HPOS] Added High Performance Order Storage support for MangoPay and StripeExpress

- **fix:** [ProductCategoryPopup] Default category is selected by default during bulk edit has been fixed
- **fix:** [SPMV] Product Advertisement Payment & Reverse Withdrawal Payment product showing on SPMV list
- **fix:** [FollowStore] Fixed permalink reset issue after activating the module
- **fix:** [StoreCategories] Uncategorized count increases after adding new users other than seller role

=v3.7.16 Mar 09, 2023=

- **update:** [WithdrawDisbursement] Added unsubscribe option for auto disbursement schedule for vendors.
There is no unsubscribe option for the withdrawal auto-disbursement schedule. Vendors can't disable auto-withdraw requests once it is enabled.
- **update:** [WithdrawDisbursement] Added announcement support for the withdraw disbursement schedule after admin reset (disable/enable) that particular disbursement option. There's no option for a vendor to know whether his/her schedule method is reset or not.
- **update:** [Shipping] Added Free Shipping validity check support for individual vendors shipping if set from individual shipping options or coupon
- **fix:** [GEOLocation] The product is not showing when searching for products using the product location address on the shop page
- **fix:** [VendorStoreSettings] State option appear while choosing the country with no state
- **fix:** [Refund] Fixed a fatal error while refunding an order from vendor dashboard if order line item doesn't contain tax.
- **fix:** [Refund] The vendor earnings become negative after the admin approves any refund request.

=3.7.15 Feb 23, 2023=

- **update:** [Shortcode] Added user role-based validation for the customer-to-vendor migration shortcode.
- **update:** [StoreSettings] Added DateRangePicker library instead of DatePicker for vacation mode settings.
- **update:** [ShipStation] Dsiplay admin dependency notice to resolve conflict with "WooCommerce – ShipStation Integration" plugin
- **update:** [SellerBadge] Removed the placeholder condition part for the badges that do not require a condition and placed a self-explanatory content on that part.
- **update:** [SellerBadge] Replaced the Logical select dropdown with the text 'More Than' as the dropdown was not required.
- **update:** [DistanceRateShipping] Replaced `Second Address` text with `City` under Distance Rate Shipping Vendor Settings page under City text box description.
- **update:** [DeliveryTime]: Added Delivery/Pickup time in order confirmation email of admin, vendor, and customer.

- **fix:** [Shortcode] The customer-to-vendor migration form throwing a fatal error after submitting has been fixed.
- **fix:** [Refund] Vendor can't refund if the remaining amount is in fraction (e.g. 0.01) for order total/tax/shipping
- **fix:** [StoreSettings] DatePicker was disabling wrong dates after adding a vacation schedule on seller vacation mode settings.
- **fix:** [StoreSettings] Duplicate `Set Vacation Message` textbox was displaying if `Date wise close` mode is selected for vacation mode settings.
- **fix:** [StoreSettings] Unnecessary validation message for `Set Vacation Message` textbox after store settings have been saved.
- **fix:** [RequestAQuote] Getting a "Your quote is currently empty." message when a customer submitted the quotation request has been fixed
- **fix:** [Elementor] Hiding the vendor info from the WP admin dashboard Dokan setting still the vendor information appearing on the single store page has been fixed.
- **fix:** Vendor profile picture becomes blurred if the profile picture is uploaded from the admin dashboard.
- **fix:** [AdminCoupon] Fixed minimum amount of admin coupon applies based on the base product price, excluding tax
- **fix:** [SellerBadge] Removed animation from badge add/edit page
- **fix:** [Geolocation] If products are exported without meta value and trying to update them, it gets stuck and returns a fatal error when the Geolocation module is enabled.
- **fix:** [StoreReview] The markup on the Vendor Dashboard Reviews page is broken if the Vendor Product Review option is disabled in the admin settings.
- **fix:** [StripeConnect] The `Processing Fee Paid By` tooltip generated by Dokan Stripe Connect is sending the wrong message if the gateway fee was paid by the admin.
- **fix:** [Booking] Vendors are getting incorrect links via emails to view the single order and all orders. 

=3.7.14 Feb 13, 2023=

**new** [Module] Seller Badge: Offer vendors varieties of badges by their performance in your marketplace.
[API] new endpoint to duplicate product via API: `/dokan/v2/products/:id/duplicate`
**fix:** [Refund] The search option in the Refund menu is not operational.
**fix:** [VendorStaff] Product importer gets stuck when a vendor staff tries to import products.
[RestAPI]: fatal error for deleting product variation
**fix:** [MinMaxQuantities] Min-max rule for products cannot be disabled.
**fix:** [DokanShippingStatus] The order note email is sent to the customer when a shipping status is added to an order by the vendor alongside the shipping status email.
**fix** [Dokan Wholesale]: Wholesale customer approval setting is not working correctly.
**fix:** [Refund] Using more user-friendly alert for sub-orders refund from the main order and refunded products are not being restocked.
**fix:** [Elementor] The available templates do not show up on the Library modal window.
**fix:** [VendorReports] Fixed wrong calculation of net sales on vendor reports
**fix:** [AdminReports] Fixed "By Day" & "By Vendor" filter screen keeps loading
**fix:** [RequestForQuotation] Customer search of Request for Quotation not working on the plain permalink structure
**fix:** [RequestForQuotation]  Error on updating existing quote of Request for Quotation module if plain permalink selected
**fix:** [RequestForQuotation]  Error on adding new quote rule of Request for Quotation module if plain permalink selected
**fix:** [RequestForQuotation]  Error on updating existing quote rule of Request for Quotation module if plain permalink selected

=v3.7.13 Jan 26, 2023=

- **new:** Extended REST API support for Dokan
- **new:** Added a filter hook named `dokan_vendor_biography_form` to control vendor biography form arguments
- **new:** Added a filter named `dokan_paypal_marketplace_product_type` hook to control PayPal marketplace default product type

- **update:** Allow vendors to add new values to predefined attributes
- **update:** Added a new section to regenerate variable products author under Dokan → Tools page.

- **fix:** Multiple store category modal wasn't working for some theme
- **fix:** [StoreReview]: Reviews page markup broken if Vendor Product Review option disabled from admin settings
- **fix:** [Booking] The vendors are getting an error on the vendor dashboard while adding a person type.
- **fix:** [Booking] Enabling two booking products that require confirmation is throwing an email error.
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Added translation support for delivery slot calendar under checkout page.

=v3.7.12 Jan 10, 2023=

- **update:** [StripeExpress ] Added support for source transaction in Stripe Express
- **fix:** [DeliveryTime] Missing delivery time for the newly registered customer at the time of ordering.

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