Bloggingpro 1.3.5 GPL Free Download, News WordPress Theme With a Clean and Beautiful Design.

Bloggingpro 1.3.5 GPL Free Download

Bloggingpro is a best WordPress theme, has a white and clean design with abundant features, SEO friendly, and many more.

Clean and beautiful magazine theme.

Do you know the opportunities for news websites nowadays are very tempting both in terms of traffic, virality and of course the earnings you get from news websites?

I don’t need to explain at length about this, please search for yourself on google:

This time I created a news wordpress theme specifically for Indonesian publishers, who want a layout that is user friendly for Indonesian visitors. I named this theme Bloggingpro .

At first glance, this theme is similar to the layout of the big Indonesian news website, with this design it can increase trust in the eyes of your visitors.

Apart from that, this theme is also responsive and you know a responsive website makes your website more mobile friendly and profitable.

Regarding SEO, you don’t need to ask again, the news wordpress theme that I made, God willing, can be relied upon for on-page SEO and already supports

For more details, let’s move on to the features of the bloggingpro news wordpress theme.

Bloggingpro WorPress Theme Features.

High CTR ads place

More than 9 ad spots, starting from floating left, right, bottom ads, to ads in the middle of paragraphs that can maximize clicks on your ads.

Supports 2 Menus

There are 2 navigation menus, top navigation and copyright menu.

Module and Carousel Headline

The Homepage module can be used as a headline category and a focused category.

Support 2 Posting Terkait

Buddy can use 2 related posts at once, starting from tags, categories and topics. Everything can be arranged mate.

Infinite Scroll Support

Like other major Indonesian news wordpress themes, this theme supports infinite scroll.

Fixed scroll menu, banner dan sidebar

News web display is more interactive with fixed menus, banners, and sidebars.

Support amp official plugin

This news wordpress theme supports full support & official plugins, starting from the main page to single and there are banner settings for AMP pages.

Beautiful post split navigation

Beautiful navigation display and banners between navigation posts. Beautiful and of course profitable.

The Best Features of More News WordPress Themes.

Comment Facebook

When you focus on making viral news on Facebook, it would be nice if you used Facebook comments. This theme already supports facebook comments.

Responsive Design

Maximize your website in all browsers from desktop to mobile.

Why should responsive design?

Google recommends that you use a responsive design. This is so that the website can also be optimally loaded on smartphones. Here are Google’s recommendations regarding responsive design.


The customizer is a recommended WordPress option. You can see immediate changes to the options you set, from the colors to the layout of your website.

FB Pixel dan google analytics

There is an option to enter Facebook Pixel ID and Google Analytics Code. You can use this to analyze your visitors and for your FB ads needs.

Unlimited Color

You can easily change all the colors in this theme, from the top navigation to copyright, just by using a customizer.

600+ Google Font

There are more than 600 Google Fonts that you can use to change the font on the website, and you can change the font size too.

One Click Update dan Import

This feature is very useful to make it easier for you to update and import demo data, you only need to update your theme with one click without having to bother downloading and uploading.

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Bloggingpro Changelog

v.1.3.5 – 30/3/23
– bump test wordpress version to 6.2
– Fixed twitter not share using twitter aplication
– Fixed some phpcs WordPress Coding Standard
– Improve performance some code
– Improve demo import
– Change header date from php to js date, so date will not cache.

v.1.3.4 – 4/11/22
– fixed $postids in template-tags.php
– Bump test version to wordpress 6.1

v.1.3.3 25/5/22
– Refactory tag widget, now more advance, you can add tag id
– Support wordpress 6.0 and php 8.1
– Change javascript call, now more clean without inline javascript

v.1.3.2 29/4/22
– Fixed tag style widget

v.1.3.1 25/4/22
– Fixed module post in category not working when using post view counter

v.1.3.0 6/1/22
– Fixes some bug in version 1.2.9

v.1.2.9 5/1/22
– Add option to display related post inside content in what paragraph.
– Add new support for post view counter.
– Add time video.
– Add back to top
– Add video duration custom field
– Add tiktok, telegram and soundcloud social icon
– Add telegram share
– Change font icon with svg
– Change view plugin default from wp postview with post view counter
– Recreate amp page
– Fixed minor bugs
– Update infinite scroll to version 4.0.1
– Update tiny slider to version 3.9.4

v.1.2.8 5/8/21
– Add autoplay to carousel
– Fixed font size options not update on single content in amp page

v.1.2.7 29/7/21
– Fix cart not update when click cart in woocommerce

v.1.2.6 21/7/21
– Add remove_theme_support( ‘widgets-block-editor’ ) for remove Gutenberg support in Widget for wp 5.8
– Fix small warning in php 8
– Support wp 5.8 and php 8, now require php version is 7.4

v.1.2.5 – 30/05/21
– Add title text in WhatsApp Share

v.1.2.4 – 04/04/2021
– remove footer banner script on AMP page

v.1.2.3 – 02/04/2021
– Fix some indonesian languange not translate

v.1.2.2 – 30/03/2021
– Fix related post slider not displaying in archive page

v.1.2.1 – 19/03/2021
– Remove lazy load tiny slider

v.1.2.0 – 17/03/2021
– Update script fb comment
– Fixed Notice: Trying to get property ‘ID’ of non-object in add new in functions bloggingpro_related_inside_post( $content )
– Remove jquery theia sticky change with position sticky css
– Remove jquery dependencies
– Add By topic in related post
– Support html for footer copyright text
– Optimize some codes
– Support latest wordpress
– Change Muli font with Mulish for google fonts in customizer
– Fixed duplicate domain license key and change license key method (You must insert again license key in your website)

v.1.1.9 – 09/12/2020
– Support rank math breadcrumbs.
– Add writer in custom fields.
– Support wordpress 5.6
– Change http to https for update theme json url

v.1.1.8 – 14/10/20
– Add poppins font to google font
– Remove last-separator in breadcrumbs
– FB Pixel now working for amp
– Analytics now working for amp
– Add hook wp body open (wp 5.2) @Link
– Add comment button to AMP page
– Add Options Footer AMP Script
– Add dashboard promo
– Fixed some bugs in theme
– Add simple scroll mobile menu, you can setting in appearance -> menus, this using wp_is_mobile so you can view only in phone or tablet not desktop computer.

v.1.1.7 – 22/09/20
– Add non amp link in footer amp page
– Add breaking news text in top notification
– Add news editor via custom field
– Support Menu Icons Plugin in Mobile Menu
– Fixed some gradient in element
– Fixed some bugs in theme
– Remove options to disable script version css and js, this fix wordpress 5.5 compatibility
– Remove options to disable jquery migrate, in latest wordpress not using jquery migrate
– Remove options to disable wp oembed, gutenberg need this
– Remove Rocket Lazy Load From Recommended plugin since wordpress 5.5+ support simple lazy load by default
– Remove modernizr since internet explorer not support again.

v.1.1.6 – 03/05/20
– Fix wrong gravatar in version 1.1.5

v.1.1.5 – 03/05/20
– Fix author url in gravatar single post

v.1.1.4 – 03/04/20
– Fix breadcrumb snippet in amp

v.1.1.3 – 25/03/20
– Change marquee with css animation and display it in amp page too
– Add new option link in module posts widget, mostview posts widget and recent posts widget
– Regenerate Language

v.1.1.2 – 21/02/20
– Add Options Recent Post By Category In Top Notification
– Remove Top Notification In AMP Page

v.1.1.1 – 10/02/20
– Reorder breadcrumbs, now theme first before yoast breadcrumb

v.1.1.0 – 03/02/20
– Update Analytics Script
– Fix some WordPress Coding Standard
– Add AMP support using this plugin:
– Add recommended plugin amp
– Update minimal php version 7.0+
– Update minimal wordpress version 5.0+

v.1.0.9 – 21/01/20
– Again Fix deprecate and error breadcrumb rich snippet

v.1.0.8 – 21/01/20
– Fix deprecate breadcrumb rich snippet

v.1.0.7 – 03/12/19
– Fix deprecate in WordPress 5.3
– Redesign some element
– Add new secondary menu (You can set up in Appearances -> Menus)
– Add new top banner (You can set up in Customizer -> Ads -> Very Top Banne
v.1.0.6 – 21/10/19
– Fix logo menu when scroll not displaying in version 1.0.5

v.1.0.5 – 17/10/19
– Fix carousel not display when disable all headline.
– Add font-display: swap in style.css
– Change menu style and update sidr menu
– Fix broken html when category no posts in module.

v.1.0.4 – 07/5/19
– Fix Other Excerpt read more wrong post id.

v.1.0.3 – 01/5/19
– Fix slider lazy load not displaying in browser safari
– Add css max height logo in mobile

v.1.0.2 – 28/4/19
– Add source in custom field
– Fix Excerpt read more wrong post id.

v.1.0.1 – 4/4/19
– Remove clearfix in content.php for broken layout for some plugin
– Fix widget title in footer, color not generate using customizr
– Fix query inline related, change place wp_reset_postdata
– Add license for 1 domain (Plugin bloggingpro update)

v.1.0.0 – 31/3/19
– First Release

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