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Avada 7.10.2 GPL Free Download

Avada 7.10.2 GPL: is clean, super flexible, responsive, includes Fusion Page Builder and comes packed with powerful options. Avada 7.10.1 GPL Download Free And it is the most easy-to use theme on the market. The Ultimate WordPress Website Builder Theme.

Avada 7.10.2 GPL: This feature-rich version introduces a range of new design options and a host of new features. We’ve introduced stunning motion effects for the columns, each with a range of configurable options. Plus, you can now create a custom WooCommerce thank you page and use the OpenStreetMap element, a vertical mega menu option for side headers, search options, and more.

File Included

  •  Avada v7.10.1
  •   Avada-Child-Theme
  •   Fusion Builder v3.10.1
  •   Fusion Core v5.10.1
  •   Fusion White Label Branding v1.2

Avada WordPress theme Main Features

  • Live Visual Builder
  • Layout Builder
  • Header Builder
  • Mega Menu
  • Footer Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Off Canvas
  • Setup Wizard
  • Performance Wizard

Avada WordPress Theme Features

  • 100% Responsive Theme with pixel perfect accuracy – and you can disable responsiveness
  • Easy to use Fusion Builder, the best visual page builder on the market
  • Full control over site width; content area and sidebars
  • Retina Ready, Ultra-High Resolution Graphics
  • Social Icons and Theme Icons are Font Icons, no Images
  • Automatic Theme Updater directly through WP admin
  • Automatic Patch tool to apply fixes with one click, no other theme has this
  • Dual sidebars throughout the theme
  • 1-6 Column Support
  • One Page Parallax feature for any page
  • CSS3 animations enable or disable on desktop/mobile
  • Child Theme Compatible – includes basic child theme!
  • Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience
  • jQuery Enhancements for modern websites
  • Javascript files are automatically combined and minified for added performance
  • PHP Compiler for CSS that combines all styles into one generated file for added performance
  • Includes the Font Awesome icon set, fully integrated
  • 60 Layered PSD’s included of the original Avada Classic design
  • Compatible with Ubermenu
  • Compatible with Many Popular Plugins
  • Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website
  • The #1 selling WordPress theme on the market
  • Incredibly advanced network of options for easy customizations without modifying code
  • Dozens of professionally designed demos that can be easily imported with one click
  • Over 18,000 ratings with a 5 Star Average
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • SEO Optimized, great SEO base already built-in (compatible with SEO Plugins like Yoast)
  • Well organized, commented & clean code
  • Performance enhancements for fast, reliable, quality websites
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11

Download Avada WordPress Theme

Avada Changelog

Version 7.10.2 - Latest Version
Please be sure to read the Important Update Notes before you update:
Important Update Info
We are always proactive in preventing security issues, however nobody can assume they will never come up. This is why we highly recommend to stay up to date with each new theme version and plugins. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 7.10.1 - April 04th, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - NEW: Added background color and border color hover options to Column element - NEW: Made dynamic data available for the video preview image option in Video element - IMPROVEMENT: Limited global color custom HSLA changes to color variables to avoid undefined colors - COMPATIBILITY: Fixed issue leading to fatal error when CoBlocks plugin was installed (Issue was in plugin fixed in their version 3.0.2) - FIXED: Fatal error happening on update, when Avada Builder is updated before Avada Core was - FIXED: WC_Order object not always being defined, which causes fatal error on some installs - FIXED: Usage of Post Cards element in a custom Mega Menu leading to display issues - FIXED: Fade out motion effect not working in Column element - FIXED: Lift-up hover and bottom shadow style selection not working in Image element - FIXED: Hover/active border size option not working in the Menu element - FIXED: Margin option in OpenStreetMap element not working - FIXED: Legacy WooCommerce cart page reloading every second update cart button click - FIXED: Numbers being in incorrect order in Countdown element on RTL sites - FIXED: Privacy placeholders for embeds not having correct dimensions when video facade option is used - FIXED: Custom height option in Off-Canvas working for medium and small devices only when set for large - FIXED: PHP notice on Layouts admin page, when layout order is not already defined - FIXED: Hover state changes frozen on option change in Live Editor in some cases - FIXED: Editing a post in Live Editor not applying the corresponding layout correctly - FIXED: A few styling issues of the Live Editor in RTL mode - FIXED: Corrected some styling issues of color picker options in Live Editor when using dark mode ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 7.10 - March 28th, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- See the promo video here: https://youtu.be/rfMZw2khYFI - NEW: Added complex motion effect options (scroll, mouse move, and infinite animation) to Columns - NEW: Added support to create a custom WooCommerce Thank You page by adding 5 new order-related Woo elements - NEW: Added an Open Street Map element with tons of options - NEW: Added scroll and magnify hover effects to the Image element - NEW: Added responsive background image options to Container and Column elements - NEW: Added a background size option to the background image tab in Container and Column elements - NEW: Added a new hover/active state UI to the Live Editor to easier set hover/active colors etc - NEW: Mega menus are now supported in Menu elements in vertical mode - NEW: Added several live search-related options to the Search element - NEW: Added option to disable specific days in the Avada Form Date element - NEW: Avada color palette added to the WP block editor - NEW: Added option to dynamic data term count to include child terms - NEW: Added option to dynamic data term count do hide zero count - NEW: Added filter to allow CPTs to be chosen for limiting search results to in the Search element - NEW: Added a filter to control the content returned by the post content excerpt function - IMPROVEMENT: Private posts/pages can now be assigned to a Layout - IMPROVEMENT: Made array variables work in conditional rendering - IMPROVEMENT: Added the downloads table to the default WooCommerce Thank You page - IMPROVEMENT: Removed JavaScript Function() constructor from the iLightBox library script - IMPROVEMENT: Made position and styling of Avada's admin notices more consistent - UPDATED: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2 - UPDATED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 7.5+ - UPDATED: Avada is now PHP 8.2 compatible - ACCESSIBILITY: Corrected the ARIA labelledby attribute of the Toggle element - COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WooCommerce Filters plugin not updating correctly when using a custom shop page layout - COMPATIBILITY: Fixed WPML not copying correct term for layout sections when creating copy for secondary language - COMPATIBILITY: Fixed bbPress pages being broken when using custom Mega Menus in Header layouts - COMPATIBILITY: Plugin labels using special chars break Layout conditions tab functionality for that plugin - FIXED: "Read more" Global Option always adding a whitespace prefix - FIXED: Maintenance mode exclude list not working correctly - FIXED: Default maintenance mode template being incorrectly displayed in Safari < 16 - FIXED: Container overflow setting not working correctly in Safari < 16 - FIXED: Maintenance mode template contents stripping out paragraphs - FIXED: Second sidebar displaying below content instead of next to it - FIXED: Custom icons of Avada Form fields not being imported when importing from Avada Studio - FIXED: Google Maps API error caused by missing callback attribute - FIXED: Incorrect column top margin within Post Cards element - FIXED: Avada swatch styles for WooCommerce variations being displayed even for disabled variations on some installs - FIXED: Continue button not being displayed on the legacy WooCommerce checkout page - FIXED: Product quantity area displaying a small borderline on products that are set to sell individually - FIXED: Select arrow positioning for state select being wrong on legacy WooCommerce cart page - FIXED: Quantity +/- selectors being removed after cart update on legacy WooCommerce cart page - FIXED: WooCommerce Cart Table element missing the woocommerce_before_calculate_totals filter - FIXED: Image element caption heading not inheriting all default font attributes from heading tag - FIXED: Lottie element animations not fully finishing - FIXED: Custom icons used in Table Of Contents element not taking up the set counter color - FIXED: Inconsistencies in the Events Calendar headings typography - FIXED: Menu element dropdown caret being visible even if mega menu is hidden on mobile (without replacement) - FIXED: Submenu element in custom mega menu running into an animation loop when using stacked mode - FIXED: Tabs element not working correctly when used in a custom mega menu - FIXED: Container element 100% height scrolling not working correctly on latest iOS version - FIXED: Next/prev navigation on single Events Calendar posts when no previous but a next event is available - FIXED: Small and medium breakpoints not working correctly for Post Cards and Gallery elements - FIXED: Legacy mobile flyout menu always displayed - FIXED: Z-index issue when using a parallax footer together with a custom header, which can lead to menu dropdowns being hidden - FIXED: Logo images from Global Options in Image element only skip lazy loading for the first applied image - FIXED: Off Canvas special menu item close toggle icon being applied when using button style on menu item - FIXED: reCAPCHTA being able to be bypassed in Avada Forms if it is removed with browser dev tools - FIXED: Inline reCAPCHTA in User Login element missing a closing div, leading to display issues - FIXED: Vertically centering images in the Image element carousel mode not working - FIXED: Sticky container display calculation being incorrect if container isn't fully in viewport - FIXED: Nested Column element not remaining global when saved as such - FIXED: Post Card Archives element not rendering the "no posts" note on search page in case a prior loop is run - FIXED: Special menu item not being hidden when correctly used on level one - FIXED: Active item color not being applied to icons in Menu element if a child item is the active one - FIXED: nav_menu_css_class filter in Avada's nav walkers missing the fourth argument leading to errors for plugins using the filter - FIXED: Vertical menu widget incorrectly escaping HTML output - FIXED: Custom SVGs in Section Separator element not working on some hosts because of missing user agent headings - FIXED: PHP notice in Person element if no image is set - FIXED: Box size being incorrect in FAQ element when using a custom icon size - FIXED: PHP notice related to Google fonts happening on some installs because of missing datatype check - FIXED: PHP notice in WooCommerce Filters element - FIXED: PHP notice in Content element when using the dropcap option when there are no paragraphs - FIXED: Wrong color slug being stored through the Avada 7.6 upgrade class when using custom global colors - FIXED: Fatal error on Avada 4.0 migration screen - FIXED: Lottie map file being recorded as 404 on server logs - FIXED: Post lock popup not being displayed in Live Editor when not in dev mode - FIXED: Bottom margin and padding handles overlapping on newly added Containers in Live Editor - FIXED: JS error in Live Editor in Gallery element happening only in Firefox - FIXED: Border color not live updating in Pagination element in Live Editor ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 7.9.2 - January 17th, 2023 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - NEW: Added post lock functionality and info box to Live Editor if someone else is already editing a certain post - NEW: Added functionality to automatically invalidate critical CSS on major updates, to avoid CSS conflicts - NEW: Added an option to enable cloning of Avada's standard post types - NEW: Added option to conditional rendering based on available HTML heading tags within post content - NEW: Added more animation trigger options to Lottie element, including scroll and cursor move - NEW: Added an option to close sub-menus when clicking outside, to Menu element when using click mode - NEW: Added wavy separator styling and options to Separator element - NEW: Added a full typography settings option to the Tagline Box element title - NEW: Added dropcap options to the Content element - NEW: Added responsive column control to Gallery element - NEW: Added option to set a min and max date for the Date Field element of Avada Forms - NEW: Added a user role option for Avada Form submissions - IMPROVEMENT: Added submission ID, date, and time to the Avada Forms export - IMPROVEMENT: Show password icon is now displayed on the WooCommer My Account login page - IMPROVEMENT: If form background is transparent, the select field option background will be auto set, depending on label color - COMPATIBILITY: Updated structure of how checkbox values in Avada Forms are sent to HubSpot - COMPATIBILITY: Fixed layout builder not working with FlexMLS IDX plugin - FIXED: Tagline Box element heading not correctly using the h2 Global Option size - FIXED: Hide scrollbar option in Off Canvas settings not working - FIXED: Scrollbar handle color option not working correctly for Off Canvas - FIXED: Sliding bar responsive width option not working for Off Canvas - FIXED: Sliding bar pus transition not working for RTL languages - FIXED: Thumbnails in Mega Menus not being displayed correctly - FIXED: Mega Menu position sometimes being incorrect in Firefox - FIXED: Continue button missing in the WooCommerce Checkout Tabs element - FIXED: Duplicate filter in WooCommerce Cart Coupon element - FIXED: Review tab using link color instead of body font color in WooCommerce Tabs element - FIXED: Responsive columns option not working correctly for Post Cards element - FIXED: Bottom shadow of Image element being displayed incorrectly when image width is smaller than the container - FIXED: Recent Posts widget border missing on front-end - FIXED: Text transform not working for the backside heading of Flip Boxes element - FIXED: Styling of Navigation Menu widget indentation - FIXED: Basic HTML tags and their contents being stripped out from Table Of Contents element headings - FIXED: Numeric counter type in Table Of Contents element not working in Safari - FIXED: Lightbox not working correctly when using Image Carousel after images have been looped - FIXED: Auto height not working in Image Carousel element - FIXED: Caption typography not working in Image element - FIXED: Top and bottom margin Global Options defaults not being used in the Column element - FIXED: Text decoration not being excluded from menus on legacy headers if set in Global Options - FIXED: Avada Slider title/caption having incorrect default color - FIXED: Alignment of popover in Image Hotspot element - FIXED: Blog Sidebar name translation issue causing reset on back-end editor - FIXED: Disabling Avada Builder for the editor role causing column issue with meta boxes on back-end edit screens - FIXED: Yoast SEO content analysis incorrectly prepending Avada form notices to the back-end edit screens on pages that use forms - FIXED: Icon position being incorrect for Date, Select, Time, and Textarea elements in Live Editor - FIXED: Container element margin/padding drag handles also affecting nested Container elements in Live Editor - FIXED: Responsive grid columns CSS not working in Live Editor - FIXED: Gallery element not being responsive in Live Editor when checking medium or small preview - FIXED: CSS filter options to live updating for Column element in Live Editor - FIXED: JS error in Post Card Archives and Woo Archives elements that prevents changing the layout
Avada 7.10.2 GPL

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